Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The following paintings are available as prints.  They are supplied mounted, signed on the mount and are available at A4 (approx) and A3 (approx) image size.  A4 £35 each, A3 £55 each (free post and package on all print orders).
please note; the format of some of the original artowrk may not be in the 'A' format, and therefore the longest edge will be in the 'A' format.
Please email with print number and title and select the required size from the paypal button on the right;
Please email to order; tim.wootton@tiscali.co.uk
No.1 - puffins

No.2 - arctic skuas

No.3 - arctic terns

No.4 - Peregrine (OUT OF STOCK)

No.5 - long-eared owl

No.6 - snipe

No.7 - oystercatcher

No.8 - peregrine

No.9 - razorbills & puffins

No.10 - red-throated divers

No.11 - seals

No.12 - sedge warbler (OUT OF STOCK)

No.13 - short-eared owl

N0.14 - island summer

No.15 - birsay seascape

No.16 - Yesnaby
No. 17 - Puffins at Brough of Birsay (SPECIAL ORDER - please contct before ordering)

No. 18 -  Arctic Tern

No. 19 - Arctic Terns (SPECIAL ORDER - please contct before ordering)

No. 20 - Waxwings (SPECIAL ORDER - please contct before ordering)

No. 21 - Fulmar

No. 22 - Eiders

No.23 - Old Man

No.24 - Waxwings
No.25 - Black-back

No.26 - Swona Summer

No.27 - Puffin Trio